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Entle Thebe
PR & Marketing Communications Strategist

Entle brings more than 7 years of results-driven marketing

communications and public relations expertise to the Gohifive team.

He has handled everything from consumer packaged goods to

healthcare to multi-unit retail. His work has been recognized by many Associations and other industry organizations. A graduate of

Unisa University, Entle offers our clients an extensive background

in brand reputation management, strategic partnering, opinion

leadership and cause marketing.

Aubrey Marotswane
Founder & Chief Creative Director

Aubrey is a straight shooter in a duck blind or in a conference room. Aubrey's passion for branding led him to the inevitable— opening his own company. Since then, Aubrey has been assembling a cast of characters as enthusiastic about making brands famous as he is. Aubrey has spent most of his career honing his strategic and tactical skills on national and regional brands alike. Aubrey has overseen award-winning work for marketing and packaging goods, retail, technology and real estate. Aubrey sees his job as more than simply building brands. He sees his job as anticipating a client's unmet and unforeseen needs.

Calvin Tshomane
Senior Art Director

Calvin has an abiding passion for all things sci-fi and it shows.

You'll find him using his Vulcan mind meld to better understand

a client's business. He can predict advertising trends like a wading

pool full of mutant Precogs. And, if push comes to shove he has

been known to use his Jedi mind tricks to make you see things his way.

Calvin has most recently used these mad advertising skills to help this company grow fast. Since joining Gohifive Calvin has hit the ground running using his talent to help rebrand a variety of companies from automotive and engineering to healthcare and program management.

Calvin is quite a guy.


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